Ban Thurian Magic Mushrooms


Ban Thurian Magic Mushrooms (Psilocybe Cubensis, Ban Thurian) is a variation of a P. Cubensis mushroom discovered many years ago by the famous ethnomycologist John Allen in Thailand. John Allen has been an important figure in the world of magic mushrooms, he is an author of ten books related to and contributing to the sacred plant medicine, including the oldest selling identification guide of entheogenic mushrooms. He has contributed to the sacred plant by photographing different types of shrooms in the Americas, Hawaii, Southeast Asia and Europe.

John Allen describes the Ban Thurian as a small mushroom with golden caps and skinny stems.

Expect average potency with good balance. Please note that each strain may have different effects depending on the person who consumes. The set and setting is very important in what type of journey you will embark on. The amount you consume is also very important in the type of experience you will have. Always remember these are sacred plant medicines, use with respect and she will teach you many things.

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