What Is Psychedelic Integration?

Every psychedelic experience is a window of opportunity. The insights gained from a psychedelic trip can be mind-blowing and mind-changing.

The days and weeks after a psychedelic trip can cause a shift in your own worldview. Some feel different about themselves or see the world in totally new ways.

However, some people feel entirely unchanged by the experience. Yet, no matter how one feels, there’s always room for positive personal change in the long run.

That’s where psychedelic integration comes in. Psychedelic integration helps people take their psychedelic insights, emotions, and attitudes and apply them to their lives.

This is achieved through something called psychedelic integration therapy. But that’s not all because integration is a complex process.

To find out all about psychedelic integration therapy, how it works, and where you can access it, then continue reading below.

What’s Psychedelic Integration?

What Is Psychedelic Integration?
What Is Psychedelic Integration?

Psychedelic integration is about taking what one learned and experienced on a psychedelic trip and connecting it with the present. All the emotions, feelings, memories, and ideas can be applied to daily life.

This can help people overcome past mistakes, take ownership of decisions, and make habitual changes. Overall, psychedelic integration aims to utilize the psychedelic experience to benefit one’s life.

Why Is Psychedelic Integration Important?

Psychedelic integration is essential to the psychedelic experience because it turns insights into action. Many people feel that a psychedelic experience is incredibly life-changing.

Yet, they let the experience whither away until their insights and understandings are gone. Without integration, the psychedelic journey is wasted potential.

When we take psychedelics, we must remember that these experiences are what our brains are showing us. Psychedelics allow us to see things in a different light and have new understandings.

It’s up to us to act upon these memories or feelings and make a change no matter how uncomfortable.

Psychedelic integration is the action. It helps us take those steps to make the hard decisions or come to terms with past experiences.

What Is Psychedelic Integration Therapy?

Psychedelic integration therapy is by seeking psychedelic integration with a trained specialist. These specialists can support people as they relate their thoughts, feelings, and memories that emerged in the psychedelic experience.

Usually, psychedelic integration therapists have degrees in psychology, psychiatry, and other social work. These are licensed professionals who go through training and get clinical experience.

Right now, the field of psychedelic integration therapy is rapidly expanding. Therapists with training in trauma, psychological issues, depression, and anxiety are all getting into integration therapy.

Normally, people sit through sessions with a therapist as they give their professional support.

What Happens During Psychedelic Integration Therapy?

The process can look completely different for two separate people. At the moment, there is no universally adopted approach.

Everything depends on what you bring to the therapist and the therapist’s approach and background. After all, there are different integration methods depending on where you live and who you see.

In general, psychedelic integration is sessions that dive into the experience. This can sometimes be relaxing as you relate your experiences.

Or, it can also be an intense experience where you are tasked with facing deep and complex personal traumas.

Types of Psychedelic Integration

Although there are many models of psychedelic integration, there are only a few different types. Almost all models are either physical or somatic integrationpsycho-spiritual integration, or emotional integration.

Of course, most therapists include different types of integrations to create their unique method.

Physical (Somatic Integration)

Some therapists focus on the physical integration aspects. Overall, this type of integration is focused on the body and the sensations you felt or still feel.

Some people are at odds with their bodies. They seek to take better care, release stress, or spend more time in nature.

Physical integration helps by incorporating taking a deep dive into the physical dimension. Physical integration includes movement as well as listening to one’s body.

The idea behind somatic integration is that we feel our emotions and traumas in the body. If we can get in tune with our bodies, then we can get in tune with our minds.

Somatic integration often involves breathwork, yoga, and other movements.

Psycho-Spiritual Integration

As the name suggests, psycho-spiritual integration takes its therapy from both psychological and spiritual dynamics. Often, this relates to how you view yourself, the world, and the relationship between the two.

Psycho-spiritual integration dives deep into your psychological and spiritual side. It considers essential questions about spirituality, personality, and mortality.

Often, psycho-spiritual integration tries to be reflective of your psychedelic experience. This reflection can lead one to think of who they are, what they want, and where they want to be.

Then, the therapist helps one navigate these difficult questions.

Emotional Integration

A big part of the psychedelic experience is the emotional aspect. Many psychedelic journeys bring to the surface difficult emotions.

Emotional integration seeks to process and release these emotions. This is achieved by working through various emotions and considering what causes them.

For grief, one may not be over losing a loved one. Or, with gratitude, maybe one isn’t grateful for the good things in life.

Overall, emotional integration tries to work through the challenging or amazing emotions that one feels after a trip.

Where Is Psychedelic Integration Therapy Near Me?

If you need integration support, then our integration resources can help you. There are a few reliable guides that can be found at these sites:

Each of these websites can point you to a trained professional. But remember to research and evaluate a therapist and their program before seeing them.

Remember that psychedelic integration therapy near me may not be that close. You may need to travel to see a trained specialist.

Where Can I Get Psychedelics?

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