Aztec God Magic Mushrooms


Aztec God Magic Mushrooms (Psilocybe Cubensis, Aztec God) is a variation of a P. Cubensis mushroom originating from modern day Central Mexico. The middle of Mexico is where the Aztec people lived and thrived before the Spanish conquest of the Aztec people in the early 1500s. By the accounts of Francisco Hernandez Toledo, a physician to the King of Spain, he wrote a guide for missionaries in the New World where he describes Natives eating mushrooms and experiencing a type of “madness” bringing “before the eyes all kinds of things, such as wars and the likeness of demons”. We universally understand these magic mushrooms do not cause madness but spiritual enlightenment and connections to the Gods.

The Aztec God shrooms are characterized by small and short mushrooms with very round golden caps. The stems are very average in size and caps are not too large either.

Expect average to above average potency, making this strain a great fit for first timers and for social settings. All magic mushrooms are scared plant medicine, please be aware of the thousands of years of intelligence these sacred plants hold within that goes beyond human understanding of the world. Treat mushrooms with respect and the experience you will have will reward you appropriately.

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