Yeti Magic Mushrooms


Yeti Magic Mushrooms (Psilocybe Cubensis, Yeti) is a relatively new and rare strain known for its high potency. The Yeti shrooms strain was originally created by Jik Fibs, a mycologist who has been showing off his work in a Facebook Group called TAT Syndicate. T.A.T. probably refers to the strain he became well known for, True Albino Teachers. The story goes that Jik Fibs worked on isolating a true albino version of the most popular Golden Teachers strain. Once he created the True Albino Teacher he kept working on refining many versions of the T.A.T. and after a few more years stumbled upon a variation he would call Yeti. Jik Fibs found the appearance and potency of the Yeti to be very satisfying. The Yeti strain is rare but is quickly becoming a very popular strain.

The Yeti shrooms are characterized by thick, fleshy, and creamy white stems. The Yeti has one of the thickest stems we’ve seen. The thick stems are easily bruised when harvested and stored. The bruising of magic mushrooms indicates that there is psilocybin present, the bruising is psilocyn (another active ingredient in the magic mushroom) reacting with the loss of hydrogen. The caps of Yeti are very small and barely open. This strain is tough to grow because the caps do not open very wide thus spreading spores is a slow process.

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